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Posted on 08 October 2012 17:00
So..some of you will know that I keep chickens.. along with everything else that goes on here – life is often hectic! As I am sure you have gathered..

 This morning, I went out, noticed that two of the huge drinkers we have had leaked, so thought I would nip in and rectify the problem.
 For some unknown (even to me) reason I decided it would be OK to do this in my shoes. My Irregular Choice ‘Blythe’ flats. I mean..seriously..
 We (like most of the country) have had some horrendous downpours over the past few days – the ground is SO sodden, that even with 5 inches (that is TWO whole flatbed truckloads..) of woodchip from our treesurgeon, there are some boggy areas..
 Might also be to do with a 25 litre drinker or two depositing their loads as well.
First one went relatively OK, small comedy moment involving hosepipe and fence, and my leg – but relatively ok. Went from our growers pen into our layers. Headed round to the second drinker, grabbing the hose on the way.
 Hose was a bit stuck, so shook it a bit. Shook it a bit more, gave it a big kind of loop pull thing, bracing myself on the ground, and sorted the problem, with minimal coverage of myself. Very pleased with myself I turned and stepped over the treadle feeder. 
 Fairly unsteadily as it happened, so kind of fell sideways but luckily I managed to get my second foot underneath me just in time – unluckily, i had left my right shoe in the boggy bit in the corner – where the hose had been put over the fence.. and I squidged my now bare foot into a mess of mud, wood chip and, well.. chicken poo.
 It was a HUGELY unpleasant feeling. 
Emily was round, we had just returned from the doctors, and it was a good thing too, as she was able to help me immensely by laughing supportively at me. Practically wetting herself as I then tried (while straddling a treadle feeder) to wash my foot clean with the hose, and wrench my shoe out of the ground – almost falling completely sideways – which would have landed me right on top of my audience of curious and confused layers. They moved out of the way with much disgruntled clucking, but thankfully I managed to regain my (squelchy) balance. 
 Sadly not my dignity.
I did try and muster as much of it as I could, while grinning stupidly, and rather soggily walking back to the house, where I ran upstairs and had a quick shower, and change of clothes.
 So if you did see me on the school run today, and wondered why I was wearing a pair of flourescent pink and black creepers with LP’s all over them – that is why. (They were the closest shoes I could find that were suitable to drive in, and not covered with, and full of in the case of the right one, chicken poo)