Not the best afternoon!

I suppose after our grill randomly stopping working, which I found out while trying to grill myself some lunch whilst in the middle of cooking dinner ready to put in the slow cooker, during this particular juggling act, I went back into the computer room to fetch my phone, because it was bound to ring if I didn’t, only to discover that our older cat had just had a runny tummy on the floor. Unfortunately I found this out with my foot. Luckily I was wearing slippers. OCD nightmare mind you. I am now stood, flamingo like, one slipper on, the other immediately shucked off in disgust, not wanting to put my foot down – even though I am a good metre away from the offending area. Finally take the plunge, and kind of sideways salmon leap, at the same time as kicking off the second slipper.. and run upstairs to get some slipper socks. All I can think is ‘I don’t want to touch the floor.. I don’t want to touch the floor’ Socks on, almost normality restored, I run back down stairs and realize I am actually going to have to deal with this. Argh. Practically a whole roll of Plenty kitchen roll and 3/4 of a bottle of dettol later, I am satisfied. (the offending area was actually only about 15cm across). I now have a paper dilemma.. Right. I go and get a carrier bag, and pick up the paper (which I have wrapped in more paper) in the bag.. and put that in another bag. Sigh I KNOW I KNOW..THINK OF THE PLANET. Oh well. Its at this point I remember dinner.. oooooops! Run into the kitchen, luckily it’s just simmering away, ready to go into the slow cooker.. thankfully not burned. Then I realise my lunch is stone cold.. due to the grill. Not really feeling that hungry anyway, so kind of just give up on that idea. Its now 2:20, courier that I have been waiting in all day still hasn’t turned up, so I phone the twins godmother, and she agrees to collect them from school. Phew. They turn up, 5 mins later the courier turns up.. huge crash from upstairs.. I just grin wanly and sign for the parcel. Rush upstairs.. smash soap dish. Not really a massive deal to be honest but..just one of those days. Well I suppose after all that it should have been no shock that I managed to cut my finger open when attempting to glue the soap dish back together. Although I am counting my blessings that I didn’t glue myself, or the soap dish, to anything as I was using superglue. Now just to go clean the bathroom floor, as one of the boys decided to sit on while wiping his bottom.

Then is it time for a gin?

Is there even enough gin?

Is there *ever* enough gin?