Tall Ships Weekend!

 Well here we are! What a fabulous weekend that was.

 Gloucester Tall Ships Festival saw us at our first BIG event, and we loved it! As you probably gather, a lot of love, and a lot of myself goes into every piece I produce, so it is very much like laying my soul bare for all to judge, when I do an event!

 As a result it can be heartbreaking if it doesn’t go to plan. What if they don’t like my work? What if I can’t make a go of this, after all the hours we’ve all put in as a family? Again..what if they all hate my pieces! (That one features heavily!!)

We met some fantastic people, and I would like to put a special thank you out there to the wonderful gentleman who told me to persevere, that my work is really really good, and to keep on doing what I am doing. He left with three of my exhibition pieces, having made my heart soar. It’s wonderful (and I can’t get used to it!) to hear people loving my work. I still find it surreal when I bump into people wearing pieces I have made. I adore making each piece, but I do find it a struggle to understand that other people get so much pleasure from my passion. 


I have a week and a half until Cheltenham Open Studios, so I am continuing to apologize because this site will have to (yes I know..still!) take a bit of a back seat while I prepare my exhibition! Scary and exciting stuff.. who knows, one day I might actually believe that my work is worthy of all this fuss!! 


We are continuing to showcase at the Bath Road Market in Leckhampton, Cheltenham, every Saturday – unless we are at an event elsewhere. So if you want a good look at some of our latest pieces, pop along and see us!

 I currently have a small display at Deepspaceworks Art Gallery in Charlton Kings, Cheltenham… and this is where I will be exhibiting for Cheltenham Open Studios.


Right I better go get back on the case!!



Still on the “To Do” list after all this settles :

Tutorials on this website.

Wirework Classes

Getting the books back up to date (eeek!)

Formulating a “You Can See Us Here!” section, so you can see what events are coming up.

Finally uploading all the new bits and pieces.


Do check out www.facebook.com/sammistrinkets for more up to date images! I will often post things up there as I am working, very useful for exceedingly busy times like this, when I don’t have a minute to update the website!!


Ok..time to get back to work.. but as an aside…

Come on Summer… 9 degrees is a poor poor show!