The Great Button Mystery Continues

..and the follow up archived post from the old site!

Posted on 06 July 2012 16:02
 So.. this morning Barnaby woke up in a lovely (hah) mood from an altogether far too late night last night.. and in typical boy style, ravenously hungry.
 He was nil by mouth from 6am – so we had to try and keep him occupied in the bedroom, while everyone else, including his twin brother, ate breakfast.
 B was not impressed.
By the time the hospital rang to confirm they had a bed for him, B was in fact a snotty, screaming, purple, angry mess laying on the lounge carpet.
I say laying.. I actually mean rigid with anger, raging at the floor.
 Luckily he had dressed himself before that point. That *would* have been a challenge.
I manage to convince him that he should put his shoes on and get a coat on incredibly reluctant, and rather uncooperative arms, and bundle him in the car seat. Poor James had to look after Reuben.
 James is a student, this was 8am – it’s just not cricket. That time of the day is practically midnight in his book. Oh well!
 I rock up at the hospital – can’t find a place reasonably close, end up parking 3/4 mile down the road and attempting to carry B (who had fallen asleep on the way. Great.  B *never* sleeps in the car. Except, obviously, when going to or from a hospital so it would seem. We’ve made it through nearly 4 years of his life without car sleeping – right up until yesterday.  The twins steadfastly refused to sleep in the car as babies, at any stage, or toddlers..Arghhh! Oh well!)
 I give up attempting to carry him after 3 minutes. B seems content to walk, thankfully. Discussing the seagulls, and telling me the way to the hospital and the entrance we want. Fine.
 We head up to ENT as I have by this point forgotten where I should be heading to.. so head to ENT day clinic. Luckily they knew who we were. ‘Is it about the button?’ ‘Yep’ ‘Well you need Day Surgery’ 
Ahhh OK that rang a bell. Am a little put out that they were obviously waiting for me to be a bit flakey and turn up at the wrong place. Am more put out that it was a good call.
 We go to Day Surgery – they are all lovely.. really nice, and they have a waiting room with toys, and a working TV with selection of children’s films on DVD and video. B thinks he is in heaven.
 I am dubious that this is turning into a bit of a fun adventure, and not quite sending out the message I am wanting from the whole experience really.
They continued to treat him like a little prince, making huge fusses of him, stories,games, putting him at ease, making me want to scream ‘DON’T DO IT!! HE WILL THINK ITS A GREAT LAUGH DOING NASAL INSERTIONS! ‘ But actually smiling through gritted teeth and worrying about him.
 They play with his ‘magic bed’ and make it go up and down. They point out the beautiful pictures on the ceilings for him to look at. They give him a preop and I sign consent forms, with a horrible tight knot in my stomach.
 They wheel him on his bed through to Anaesthetics, hunting the Gruffalo all the way. He thinks he is on an amazing wild adventure – loving the journey. I am more and more concerned that this is going to become a regular occurance – its all been too much fun!
 Watching him go to sleep was one of the hardest things I have done. I did cry.
He had a general anaesthetic and a thorough investigation revealed ….
No button! Nothing.. not a sausage.
They said v nicely that he may have swallowed it in the night, but we all know they are just being kind.
Bless him!
He is now nibbling a biscuit, groggy, feeling ill, and asking for Reuben. Who, in all likelihood will be so jealous of all the attention Barnaby has been getting, that when I get home will probably have put buttons up both nostrils. And in his ears.