The Great Button Mystery

I’ve been asked to make sure I bring some of the blog posts across from the old website, so here we go!! 

This is from back in July last year :)


Sammi: Posted on 05 July 2012 22:42
Just.. where to start..
So I may have gone off buttons a little after today’s events.. 
Reuben and Barnaby are my three and a half year old identical twin boys, they have amazing imaginations, love to draw,playdoh, paint, cause general mayhem..
 They decided they liked my button box, as there are loads of exciting different colours and sizes and shapes, so I, *stupidly* said they could play with them.
 Loads of fun making great noises with them, spreading them over the ENTIRE lounge floor.. no biggy, nothing that can’t be tidied up – Reuben starts filling his hat with them and pouring them out again, then filling it and putting it on his head, momentarily distracting us from Barnaby – who when I glance back, is rubbing his nose, sniffing, wriggling it up and down and looking incredibly uncomfortable. James (my eldest) asks him if he has put a button up there. Barnaby nods, then asks if he can go see it in the mirror.. trying to stick his finger up there.
 We stop him! Obviously.. don’t want it rammed up there even further. I try to see if I can see it, nothing. He says its a black button, we ask him again if he has put one up there, he says yes.
 Off to casualty I go.. it’s 4:20. Leaving James to cook his own celebratory birthday lasagne, for him and his siblings, while hubby gets home from work. (I should point out that James is 21, before you start thinking I’ve left a 10 year old child at home to cook or something!)
 We get there.. wait about a bit, see the Nurse, Barny tells her he has a button up his nose. Tells her the size and colour (small and black).. she has a look, can’t see it. We wait for the doctor. 
 Doctor takes a look, can’t see anything on left side.. right side possibly but only because he can’t quite see as far as on the left.
 Cheltenham has no ENT department, we are sent to ENT. In Gloucester.
It’s now 5:30 (which in itself is good going, as we got seen v quickly in A&E – very lucky indeed! Perhaps the sunshine put people off falling off things and hitting each other)
 So I drive across to Gloucester in rush hour traffic. 
I realise as I get to the outskirts, I don’t have the FAINTEST idea where in Gloucester the pigging hospital is.
I pull over, put the sat nav on, points of interest, hospitals – YAY!
100yrds down the road after faffing about putting the flipping sat nav on – there is a signpost to it. Pointing in a different direction entirely to the sat nav.
 I ignore the Sat Nav. I have discovered from bitter experience that this is often the safest thing to do. I had only turned it on out of sheer desperation.
Surprisingly the hospital was well signposted, and I found it.
No money for a ticket. Feck.! I park on the side of the road and hope my Cheltenham ticket will do at a cursory glance.
 B is asleep. *sigh*
I wake him up, carry him up the road.. eventually find some kind people who direct me to the main entrance where they say there is a help desk that can tell me where the hell ENT or ward 2b is.
I find the front entrance..
Help desk is shut. Map is next to me. The place is HUGE. I kind of work out where 2b is..a nurse walks past and takes pity on us (Got to love B’s big blue eyes and blond hair!) and takes us right across the hospital to where we need to be. Love that woman!
 Get up there.. the ENT doctor on Ward 2b has been called down to A&E for an emergency, we wait in the waiting room.
 Which consists of 12 chairs, a coffee table, an unworking television and some leaflets on the walls. No books, no toys, no magazines.
 Uh Oh.
B is getting bored. I manage to find a scrap of paper and a pen in my handbag, and he draws a bit. On himself a fair bit too, when I was looking in the bag for more paper. Argh, oh well.
Doctor finally comes in (its now 6:50) takes us down to her room. She is lovely, Barny is smitten, and charms the socks off her.
 She can’t see anything either. He says its up there.
She decides he needs a camera up his nose to make 100% sure. 
We wait while they find one.
I explain to B that they need to make sure he doesn’t get ill from having a button up his nose. He gets upset and exclaims ‘They have to get it out!!’
They can’t find a paediatric camera. Feck.
Right, they decide to use an adult one but only go a little way in. She lets B raise and lower the examining table, he loves it. He lets her stick the camera up his nose, he coughs and sneezes every time, she doesn’t get a good look. She *thinks* at one point she may have seen something in the right nostril, but really isn’t sure.. she can’t get a good enough look. Isn’t so sure by the end of it.
 B is very good about the whole thing.
She goes to get the registrar.
I ask B if he really did put a button up his nose. He looks at me and nods. I said ‘And did you get it out again’ – spotting the flaw in our questioning up to this point – he looks at me and shakes his head very slowly and deliberately like I am having trouble understanding him. Fair comment I guess, he has been asked about the button for quite a while now! I ask if its still up there then.. he nods and looks at me as if I am stupid. Hohum.. I asked for that.
Its now 8pm.
She comes back, Registrar is on the way.
Registrar gets called to theatre in an emergency. Doctor decides we should go home for the night, as it could take hours. She gives B chocolate, he loves her even more.
We have to go in tomorrow, B is nil by mouth from 6am. Will need Paediatric camera, plus drops and possible general anaesthetic if they cannot get a good look. Eek.
We get back to the car.. which is miles away from where we were ..after getting lost twice. I put B back in his car seat,and he turns to me and says:
 ’I not got buttons up my nose you silly!’
We get home at 9pm. Jury is out as to whether there is a button up his nose. Has it just been a 4 hour and two hospital trip windup?
 I guess we will find out tomorrow.
He is tucked up in bed after a big, but late, dinner. No bath tonight..far too late.
.. and now, I think it calls for a HUGE glass of wine.
Wish me luck in the morning.!