Uh oh..

 Last night saw myself and Mei appear at our booking at a really lovely, very exclusive, ‘Me Time’ evening, as an expert.
.So.. professional me.. arrived at the Pamper evening at the fairly posh Cheltenham Park Hotel, parked in a very tight parking space (WITHOUT HITTING ANYTHING! – no this is not a work of fiction) set up my display, ladies start to arrive, ready for the event to start. I was one of three experts scheduled to give a talk on my field. Little nervous.. 

..I pop out to the car to get the bits and pieces for a macrame demonstration, as the space was too tight to get the workbox out of the car, and I only needed one bag from in the top of it, I climbed in the back to get it.

Door shuts behind me.. childlocks are on. 
Feck!! Never mind.. I can phone Mei – who is inside – she can let me out.
Phone is next to Mei on the display.
Right, no biggy, I can climb over, get out the front seat. Which I do, and slip, cleverly managing to lose my shoe AND wedge my knee between the handbrake and the passenger seat.
I now have visions of being stuck in the car until people notice I am not there,and they send kind people to find and release me.
Oh the shame! Right, I can’t let that happen!
I carefully managed to extricate my knee, without too much pain, and find my shoe.. AND get in the front seat.. put the shoe on and make my escape.
Smooth down my hair, try not to limp and enter the room smiling. All professional like!
Still.. it took the edge of the nerves, kind of! All went well in the end.

..and I managed to get out of the space without hitting anything either! So that was good.